The hand has the power to normalize abnormal energy — Stuart Grace Greene

The hand has the power to normalize abnormal energy — Stuart Grace Greene

Quantum Energetics
Structured Therapy

If you’ve ever seen a blueprint for a house, it’s not the house but it informs the building of the house. After locating disruptions in the blueprint, direction of energy clears them from etheric blueprint (AKA energy body), catalyzing the body’s innate ability to heal, repatterning free of legacy of past trauma, accidents, injuries and illness. Every cell in the body regenerates within seven years, including the skeleton. One client responded, “It’s like Reiki with science.”

Quantum Sound Healing

Science knows that everything is energy, and there is no absence of energy connecting all that is. Sound and light are vibrational frequencies. Using intention and sound, frequencies of disease, pain and illness may be entrained to vibrations of wellness, comfort and peace. Working with Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, sound expands the multi-dimensional nature of the therapy.


Akashic Records Readings

Her studies with Maureen St. Germain began in 2015 when they served on the Edgar Cayce NY Board of Trustees together. First learning the Merkaba Meditation, then advancing to Beyond the Flower of Life, experiencing a blow to the heart that activated higher vibrational frequencies, Akashic Records Reading I, deepening Higher Self connection practices, and ET’s favorite book of the year for 2018, Maureen’s “Waking Up in 5D led to her certification as an Akashic Records Guide with Akashic Records International. Please schedule readings here.