Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy & Quantum Sound Healing

Hourly: $225 (See special offers below.)

Introduction to Quantum Healing: 2-hours @ $360 (20% off) First session with history intake and therapy session. Studies have shown benefit from telling one’s story. This also gives me insight to tune in to your system to learn where disruptions are in the energy blueprint.

Commitment package: 10 hours @ $1400 (37% off). This includes the first 2-hour session plus 8 additional hours. This is how I prefer to work, in series of 10 hours. This allows a clearer view of the results of the clearing, and indicates the client is as invested as I am in their healing.

Mid-sized package: 5 hours @ $956.25 (15% off). is package is available with a payment plan.

If you have been drawn to this work and have limited resources to purchase packages, please call me to discuss barter or other options of energetic exchange for your care. 201-679-504nine.