About Elizabeth Starsong


Ever in a state of transformation...

Daughters Vauda and Ana

I was born Elizabeth Ann, named after the Queen of England. But at about 3 months old, my mother and her mother decided I wasn’t “dignified enough” to be called Elizabeth. My name was Betty for the next 53 years, until I embarked on my path to healing arts. While studying with Rhiannon and a Hula Kumu on Hawaii, I learned that the name our parents and grandparents chose for us is important at a soul level, representing who we are to be to manifest our soul’s destiny. That was the onset of my Elizabethan Era.

In case you’re wondering, “Why Starsong?” —my beautiful children gifted me a Rights of Passage Ceremony into elderhood for my 60th birthday. During the ceremony, the Dance Chief who poured the water on the stones to catalyze the prayers dreamed my Elder Medicine Name—Starsong—into the ceremony. My prayer today is for my music and healing arts to bring healing to all who I encounter, be it in person or in the air.