“Elizabeth is both modern and relevant at the same time. She’s covering and performing music and songs of her generation with a new and fresh twist. Jazz vocal outside the box. You won’t be disappointed.” ~ Brian Pace, The Pace Report

“A rainbow of diverse grooves and textures… Tomboulian is definitely adept at all of them, and she takes great joy in doing so.” ~ Nicholas Mondello, All About Jazz

“Love wins and Elizabeth Tomboulian wins our hearts too. Expect to hear more from this talented lady.” ~ Jim Hynes, Making a Scene

“Her voice is rich as cream and believable.” ~ Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs

“Elizabeth’s powerful and enduring jazz vocal work will thrill you to your very core…” ~ Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“Tomboulian's voice is fresh and fun and she is not afraid to use it with a decided edge. The stylistic palette is varied and repertoire top-notch. Bravo! An excellent recording.”
--Michael C. Bailey, All About Jazz

 “Here is another real find. Elizabeth Tomboulian has a wide range, a controlled voice with slide and scat ability, and a solid blues feel equal to her jazz chops. Add some really intriguing arrangements, and you have a singular musical personality.” ~ Alix Cohen, Cabaret Scenes

“Eclectic and soulful… Elizabeth Tomboulian’s one-of-a-kind style shapes the work on her debut release as a band leader… Tomboulian surprises audiences with her ability to bend phrases, mix styles and in general express a clear, if artful, idea… While “Love’s In Need of Love Today” is Tomboulian’s debut as a leader, it illustrates her years spent honing her craft.” ~ Dodie Miller-Gould, Lemonwire

“Making her splashy, multi-faceted recording debut after decades of performing in nearly every musical style under the sun, vocalist, pianist, guitarist and songwriter Elizabeth Tomboulian  swings, breezes, rolls and eases sensually through an expansive, multi-era blend of well-known classics, obscure gems and a originals that combine to make Love’s In Need of Love Today a singularly rich autobiography.” ~ Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe

“A dandy jazz vocal set that’s here for the fun, she treats the chestnuts with respect even when offering them new settings.  Solid stuff from a pro a long time in the making.” ~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record

A rapturous solo reading of the jazz standard “I Get Along Without You Very Well” features her penchant for reharmonization as a pianist while showcasing her flawless intonation, clear articulation, natural vibrato and warm, soaring vocal delivery. ~ Bill Milkowski, Journalist and Author

Elizabeth Tomboulian is “the Real Deal.” She is a multi-talented singer-composer-pianist with a gorgeous voice and message the world needs to hear. Listen! ~ Roseanna Vitro, Grammy-nominated Jazz Vocalist, Producer

I’ll say what Phil Woods said about me back in the day, “It’s official. Elizabeth Tomboulian is The Shit!” ~ Janet Lawson, Grammy-nominated Jazz Vocalist/Educator

... a wonderful singer and a beautiful human being, which certainly comes out in her music. ~ Sheila Jordan, NEA Jazz Master