Jazz, transformational and inspirational music to support human potential, rooted in blues, folk, and pop music from the 1960s and evolved through decades of South American complexity, scatting horn lines with Pete Brewer, R&B 101 with Charles Neville, hanging in Boulder with Tom Scott, Richie Cole, and Charlie Musselwhite, then steeped in COGIC for 2 years, Elizabeth's music resonates powerfully from the heart, with authenticity and authority. Metaphysical studies now inform quantum sound healing, using vibrations to entrain wellness and healing. This is as old as the hills, and re-emerging with scientific discoveries today.  If you want to support me with a few dollars a month, and stay current with what I am singing and toning, check out the wonderful energetic exchanges possible at my Patreon site

ET at Smalls Jazz in NYC. Joe Locke’s Available in Blue with ET’s lyrics