Love Needs Love recording project to launch soon on Patreon

I'm making progress toward my  recording, "Love Needs Love" with the launch on Patreon imminent.  Inspired by the Orlando Pulse shootings in 2016, the songs are about love. Love in need of repair, rebuilding (add water, more love, and stir). Songs under consideration:

  • Love's In Need of Love Today (Stevie Wonder—this was original spark for concept)
  • For What It's Worth (protest song from the 60's with my new riff/arrangement scrambled with Mercy, Mercy, Mercy)
  • Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper's) Reharmed by moi, which inspired Lee Tomboulian to interface it with Bill Evans' Re" A Person I Knew, whose progression mirrors mine.
  • For Tomorrow (McCoy Tyner's modal hit with lyrics I wrote when Lee and I were dating in the late 80s, complete with counter-melody lyrics. This is gonna be so cool to share after all these years!
  • Nutty + If I Love Again (Monk tune married to a swinging long-form standard with intermittent Bossa Nova and Swing).
  • Good Ole Wagon (Bessie Smith) I play guitar and wail the blues for you!

I will play piano on these:

  • Ballad of the Snow Leopard and the Tanqueray Cowbooy (something from the singer/songwriter tradition by David R Rodriguez, former poet laureate of Texas). "Ain't it funny how we hunger for some inspiration, and everything else money just won't buy."
  • I Get Along Without You Very Well. This recounts my living apart from Lee in the Summer of 2016. "What a fool am I to thing my breaking heart can fool the moon.

Some originals under consideration

  • Shaky in the Knees, Please (low-down dirty blues)
  • Cheesy   This is a Jazz ballad—my mom's favorite of my compositions)
  • Flying Away (to a New Love) Inspired by my fabulous vocal coach, super diva Patrice Michaels, who totally reconfigured her life within a matter of months, merely by following her heart fearlessly and going for the love gusto!
  • I'm Crushed. I wrote this after a one-nighter with a gynecologist in the 1970s. Heart-broken. 

This is more music than one CD will accommodate. So will have to make some cuts. But get ready, cause here I come!. 

As part of the Patreon model, I will engage with supporters to share my creative process, as well as giving them recordings of some of my unreleased material. 

Love Needs Love recording project has launched on Patreon