An 11-mo-old baby had never crawled

An 11-mo-old baby had never crawled

Her mother's voice had a sound of urgency. The doctor's wanted to "do something." Using muscle testing, indications were the causes were swellings and dislocations, specifically nerve swellings in the sacral area and dislocations from the hips to the feet. After a 45-minute session, they left my office. When mom put the baby on the blanket she had occupied for many months, she immediately crawled off it! 

On the fourth monthly visit, there was another urgent issue: she wasn't walking and the doctors wanted to "do something." Checking again for causes using muscle testing, there were more dislocations in the feet and knees. That evening, the 15-month-old was running back and forth to mom and dad. I learned that she had been born breech, with one foot by her cheek for hours in the birth canal. 

That was in 2010. She is now happily selling Girl Scout Cookies, with no mobility issues. 

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